Scientific Topics & Special Sessions

Physical Acoustics

  • PSG Surface Acoustic Waves and Guided Waves
  • PNL Nonlinear Acoustics and ultrasonics
  • POA Opto-acoustics
  • PRA Resonators and Applications
  • PGM Granular materials
  • PMM Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials and phononic crystals
  • PBC Bubbles, Cavitation
  • PUA Underwater acoustics
  • PPL Picosecond Laser Ultrasonics
  • PTA Thermo-acoustics
  • PNP Nano-acoustics and Phonons
  • PMA Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT and PMUT) Technologies and Applications
  • PAT Acoustic Tweezers and Particle Manipulation
  • PUA Ultrasound in Air
  • PIP Inverse problems in Ultrasonics
  • PSP Ultrasonic signal processing and instrumentation
  • PUC Ultrasonic Scattering

Biomedical Ultrasound

  • MAC Cellular and antibubble acoustics
  • MAR Ultrasound image acquisition and reconstruction
  • MTD Biomedical Ultrasound for Therapy and Diagnosis
  • MUI High-frame Rate Ultrasound Imaging and Applications
  • MHF High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging
  • MPA Medical photoacoustics
  • MDD Targeted and Accelerated Drug Delivery by Ultrasound
  • MCT Ultrasonic Characterization of Tissues
  • MEI Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging
  • MUT Ultrasound Transducers for Medical Use
  • MFM Ultrasound flow measurements
  • MCA Ultrasound contrast agents

Nondestructive Evaluation

  • NGW Guided Waves and their Applications in NDT & SHM
  • NCI NDE & NDT for Civil Infrastructures
  • NCC Characterization of Composites
  • NWI Ultrasonic Wavefield Imaging
  • NNA Applications of Nonlinear Acoustics to Measurements and Imaging of defects
  • NAI Acoustic Imaging and beamforming applications
  • NAM Acoustic Microscopy
  • NAS Acoustic Sensors
  • NTD Transducers: NDE and Industrial
  • NUA Underwater Acoustics Applications
  • NVT Vibrothermography for NDT

Industrial Ultrasound

  • IME Power Ultrasonics in Material Engineering Applications
  • IPU Industrial applications of power ultrasound

IMA Ultrasonic Motors and Actuators

  • IEH Energy Harvesting
  • IBP Ultrasonics based monitoring of bio(techno)logical processes and process control
  • IUC Ultrasonic cleaning
  • IPS Ultrasonics based Particle sizing
  • ILU Laser ultrasonics Applications in industry

Emerging Fields

  • EAM Acoustic (micro)fluidics
  • EFA Forensic-related Acoustics
  • ERA Reservoir Acoustics and Borehole Acoustic Logging
  • EAH Acoustic Holograms
  • ENC Underwater Network Communications & Detection


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